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A-Frames/Sandwich Boards

A-frame signs come in a variety of sizes and styles. These can be made single or double sided depending on how they will be used. Sometimes referred to as sandwich or sidewalk signs they can be effective in drawing attention to a business or event. We have shown two of the most popular styles here.

Sandwich Board

Sandwich Board

These free standing A-Frame signs can be used to draw attention to your business and can easily be put away when not in use. The sign shown on the left has an 18"H x 24"W free swinging panel. The sign on the right is made from molded plastic and can be filled with sand to provide additional weight for those windy locations. It has a 36"H x 24"W lettering area. These sandwich boards are all easy to transport.

In some areas the use of these signs is limited by local ordinance. Blocking site lines for vehicles or pedestrian or wheelchair access on sidewalks is not allowed.