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Banner Care

Banners are among the most cost effective advertising and promotional items available. Here are a few care and storage suggestions to help you get the most out of your banner:


    • If you are installing the banner, be sure it is fastened securely. If used outdoors understand that the wind can exert considerable force on the banner. Tie it securely to something that can take the wind load. It should be taut, but not stretched tight. Bungy or shock cords will keep the banner taut and allow it some give in strong winds. If fastened to a wall or building keep the banner tightly secured to the building so wind can not get behind the banner.

    • Sometimes it is necessary to cut wind holes into the banner if wind loading will be a significant factor. If the banner is placed in a very windy location the wind holes allow the wind to flow through the banner and relieve some of the stress. The location to place a banner should be selected with care, even a banner with wind holes can be ripped apart in a strong wind.

Banner Cleaning

    • Clean your banner as needed to keep it looking good. Use water and a mild detergent. Avoid harsh cleaners and solvents that might damage the fabric. We use Formula 409® to clean soiled banners in our shop.

Banner Storage

    • Banners should be rolled for storage. It's best to roll the banner around a tube that is four to five inches in diameter. If the banner is lettered with vinyl graphics, it should be rolled with the graphics out. NEVER fold a banner, this will weaken the banner fabric and leave a crease that can not be easily removed.

Expectations for your banner

    • A banner is made of fabric, and when used outdoors, it is at natures mercy. Be realistic in your expectations. A banner should not be considered a substitute for a permanent sign.

Download a one-page flyer about caring for your banner.