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Layout / Design Tips

Design is the most important element of any sign.  Your sign should solve the problem for which it was intended.  Do you want to sell more widgets?  Do you want a passerby to notice your business or trade show booth and come in?  Do you want to advertise a special sale or event?  The sign design should address these questions and achieve the desired results.  The function of design is to capture attention, inform, create or support an image, and elicit an emotional response.  Design can be simple, elegant, conservative, flashy, wild...you get the idea--design is about selling your message in a creative yet appropriate way for your business.

Color and Type Style

Color and type style are important aspects of sign design.  We can reproduce a design or logo you already have, or we can create an original layout just for you.  A graphic on your sign will catch the readers attention and add a flair to your signage.  The type styles (font) used should be appropriate to the message you have to convey.  Big and bold or soft and flowing--both work depending on whether you are selling earth moving equipment or perfume.  Lettering colors need to contrast with the sign background to make reading your message easy.  Some things that work on a business card or letterhead may not work on a sign.  We can make recommendations--just ask!

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words and it is never more true than with signage.  Pictures elicit emotion and involvement much faster than type.  Ask about our four color graphics, which allow full-color pictures and graphics to be added to an outdoor sign, a vehicle, a window or even your floor to add realism to your message.

Text Size

One of the most common questions we receive is "How big should the letters be?"  Well, this primarily depends on how far away you need the message to be seen by the viewer.  Of course colors, the type style used, and lighting conditions all effect viewing distance.  However, as a rule-of-thumb, 1 inch of letter height is needed for every 10 feet of viewing distance.  We can help determine the most effective size for your sign.  Just tell us where the sign will be used and what your message will be--then we can give you a size that will effectively communicate that message.


Depending on how long you need the sign to last will determine to a large extent the material used to produce the sign.  We can offer several options for both temporary as well as permanent signage.  Sign codes, environmental factors, and sign placement will also dictate material choices.

Our sign professionals can help you with design ideas.  We can start from scratch and provide you with proofs for approval, or we can work from your layouts and reproduce them exactly.  We are here to help you!  Contact us to discuss your requirements or to receive a free quote.