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Magnetic Signs

testMagnetic Signs can be used on your vehicle to provide both advertising and identification.  They can be easily removed and replaced as needed.  Normally a Magnetic Sign would include the name of the company, a logo if desired, basic information about the companies products or services and a phone number.  Magnetic Signs are a simple and cost effective way to identify and advertise your business.  We can make a pair for one vehicle, or several pairs for your entire fleet.

Because the size of magnetic signs is limited by the available flat area on the vehicle, the area for messages is often limited.  If a more prominent message is needed or desired, then permanent vehicle lettering should be considered.  Your entire vehicle can be made into a moving billboard telling everyone on the road who you are and what you do.

Some standard sizes and prices are:

      12" x 18" - $80 per pair
      12" x 24" - $90 per pair
      18" x 24" - $100 per pair

    These prices include 10 words and 2 colors of lettering on a standard white magnetic background.  Logos, graphics or process color would be additional. Discounts would apply for larger quantities.

Contact us by phone (408) 956-8271, FAX (408) 956-8274, or Email us you logo/graphic to find out more or to receive a free quote.