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Vehicle Graphics

Your delivery or service vehicles can be made into moving billboards for your company.  When you consider how many times each day your company vehicles make trips, and the number of people who see the vehicle while driving around, this form of advertising is one of the most cost effective.

Don't overlook the impact of full color graphics added to your vehicles.  Imagine a pizza delivery van with a full color photograph (Yes, a real photo, not a graphic) of hot pizza with dripping cheese.  Such an image on the side of a delivery van leaves no doubt about the message being placed in the minds of those who see it.  Compare that image to the one left by only the words "Hot Fresh Pizza" on the van--which vehicle advertising makes your mouth water for a slice of pizza?

Full color graphics can be added to any vehicle to give that extra edge to your advertising. Why not wrap your vehicle in full color graphics to make it really stand out from the crowd.

Potential customers continually see vehicles on the road all day long......let them see yours!!!!